Visiting the Yucatan cenotes … an unforgettable experience

The Yucatan peninsula has no visible rivers of water because the soil is limestone and very porous, so rainwater is filtered directly or penetrates cracks forming caves, many of them connected to each other. However, often calcareous soil that sinks have revealed the cenotes, leaving a glimpse of the spectacular scenery of the underground, green, yellow and turquoise waters, forming true works of art with stalactites and stalagmites.
By tradition, the cenotes are a hallmark of the Yucatan natural landscape details like sunlight filtering through holes between rocks and projected onto the transparent water, combine to provide a visual feast for fans of the cenotes.

The Yucatan cenotes vary in shape and size depending on where they are located. They can be as diverse as those sinkholes as it is possible: There are open cenotes similar to a lake; semi closed cenotes hidden in caves; closed cenotes, usually have some opening where sunlight is filtered and some cenotes which is only accessible after a walk through underground corridors.

Although cenotes are not equal in form, we can say that cenotes has similar characteristics. Its water is cool, since it emerges from underground reservoirs; It is clear and is rich in flora and fauna, which gives rise to a perfectly balanced ecosystem, the cenotes are spectacularly beautiful.
For many years now the Yucatan cenotes have been the subject of speculation and legends, as they played a role in the development of the Mayan civilization. Large settlements of this culture were formed around the cenotes,even became the center of their cities. At the bottom of some cenotes found plenty of gifts and jewelry. It has also been found in some cenotes ceramic remains and utensils for religious ceremonies.

Due to the significant archaeological value representing the cenotes as well as its exquisite natural beauty, cenotes are considered attractive places for the development of ecotourism activities, especially cave diving. Therefore, for those who enjoy this fascinating sport, dive and penetrate the depths of these caverns, in these underwater galleries and through multiple aquifers mazes that shape will surely give them a unique and unparalleled experience, since there besides diving and sightseeing, also you can swim, rappel down and enjoy the beauty and mystery from million years ago.

Undoubtedly visit the clear waters of the Mayan cenotes is a completely different and to suddenly find a magical world is an unique experience, whose beauty does not seem real … only at this enigmatic formations of exceptional beauty… We invite you to experience it to believe it; some specialized agencies such as Mayan Ecotours can take you at these places, a specialized guide will be accompanying you at all times, giving you security and information of these magical places; These tours include transportation plus snorkel gear and flotation vest. The approximate price is $ 800.00 pesos per person.

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