The wonders of Italy closer than ever departing from Yucatan

Thanks to the weekly flight that the italian airline Blue Panorama offers to the city of Rome starting from the capital of Yucatan, the wonders of Italy are closer to you than ever. Take this great opportunity and enjoy a well-deserved European holiday … There are many options, such as those offered by the city of Naples, located not far from Rome.

A city of contrasts and history

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Naples is among the Campi Flegrei and Mount Vesuvius, two regions of volcanic activity and is the second largest of all Italy, besides being one of the largest city in Europe. It is an old port and is bordered by the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida. In Naples there is much to see and explore … churches, museums and monuments; small bars and cafes. The city is especially famous for being the birthplace of pizza, its cuisine is the result of the fusion of French cuisine, Spanish, Greek and Neapolitan. Football is one of the most popular sports in Naples.

Napolitan Gastronomy


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In Naples there are three indigenous types of pizza, such as marinara pizza, the margherita pizza and extra pizza margherita, made with buffalo cheese. You can see several posters offering pizzas in all restaurants in the city …

While the spaghetti and pizza are popular, Naples is also known for its desserts such as ice cream and cakes, which can be found at any ice cream in town; among the most popular flavors are the nocciola, made with hazelnuts, and stracciatella, which is a mixture of plain ice cream and crunchy chocolate chips.

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You can also try the famous Neapolitan coffee, that the natives of the city usually drink as a strong, sweet espresso. In this city of contrasts was born the “pending coffee” this is that people leave paid for a coffee to be served to anyone who needs it.

Visiting Naples


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In the center of Naples, a good way to travel and see the main attractions is taking a walk, this beautiful city offers a mix of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. It is considered “World Heritage” and has 450 historical churches; You can also explore a number of castles, palaces and beautiful squares and numerous museums located in Naples. You do not miss its amazing attractions:

Naples Cathedral


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It is the main religious building in the city and dates from the fourth century, but it was completed in 1314.

Museum and Gallery of Capodimonte


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It is an important collection housed in a large palace where works of Italian and Neapolitan “Trecento School” are exposed.

Church of Gesú Nuovo


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It is an imposing church where you can see various paintings and Bible stories.

Castel dell’ Ovo


This amazing place is the oldest castle in the city, built by the Normans in the XII century.

Catacombs of Saint Gennaro


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You can not visit Naples and miss its extensive catacombs dating from the second century. A journey you will not forget!