Roots of Mexico


Oaxaca is a cradle for two of the most important Mesoamerican cultures: Zapotecs and Mixtecs. It is a colorful destination made up of communities that preserve ancient customs and traditions. Oaxacans are very proud of their roots, and they’ll invite you to not only get to know and enjoy their heritage, but above all, to love it.


You’ll walk through beautiful roads and plazas downtown, discover local markets and get to know the endless variety of ingredients used for local cuisine, one of the most important in Mexican culture.


You’ll visit the Zapotec city of Monte Alban, located atop the hills near Oaxaca, providing you with some of the most mesmerizing views. From there you’ll get to admire this ancient city’s temple and graveyards, and on the other side, the view over Oaxaca city.


You’ll get to visit the Sierra de Juarez, a mountain range perfect for a hike along the forest, where local farmers will take you mushroom picking. At the end of the hike, a local family will welcome you into their organic farmhouse, where they’ll gather the rest of ingredients needed for a homemade meal.


In Oaxaca each community offers a unique culinary experience. Ocotlan de Morelos is a great example of this. Here you’ll visit “La Cocina de Frida” for breakfast served by the owner who sports her traditional dress that resembles Frida Kahlo herself. Another great example is Ejutla, where the hosts will take you to the local market to pick the ingredients for a traditional Mole Oaxaqueño, and teach you how to make some delicious Tamales de Mole. Modern cuisine is a big part of this experience, as you’ll be able to enjoy the creations of renowned Oaxacan chefs.


At Santa Catarina de Minas you will get to know some of the secrets of mezcal and see the entire production process before indulging in a mezcal tasting session. You will also visit a Maguey conservation and rescue project to witness and learn about the many species of Maguey.


Oaxaca is home to a number of communities renowned internationally for their world class crafts artisanal fabrics, traditional Barro Negro pottery, mixtec influenced goldsmithing and uniquely Mexican antiques.