Mexico City:
The city of palaces, culture, art, and entertainment


Mexico City is captivating from start to finish. On a trip to the capital you will be accompanied by local guides, historians and food experts from all over the world, and meet local chefs internationally recognized for their traditional cuisine. You will experience the true urban lifestyle of one of the most important cities in the world.


In the “City of Palaces” you’ll find several impressive buildings from some of the most important periods in the history of Mexico, including the only castle in Latin America and more than 200 museums and galleries. From the capital it’s also easy to reach Teotihuacan, known as the “City of the Gods” and one of the most important cities during the pre-Hispanic period.. Whether at sunrise or under the starry skies, a visit to Teotihuacan in the central valleys of Mexico is an incredible experience not to be missed.


A walk along the Nevado de Toluca National Park will give you the feeling of walking on the Moon or Mars, except here you’ll find two astonishing bodies of water: the Sun and the Moon lagoons, both ceremonial spots for pre-Hispanic cultures in the region. Here you’ll get the chance to partake in a traditional Temazcal, a form of steam bath used for hygienic, therapeutic, and spiritual purposes.


Next, a visit to the Magical Town of Valle de Bravo. An 18km hike along pine trees, rolling hills, lakes, and small farming communities will take you to a Buddhist stupa: a perfect stop to rest and meditate. Once rested, some excitement is due. Once rested, those looking for some fun can go Paragliding over the Valle de Bravo lake or those who prefer to stay closer to the ground can visit an organic farm to make your own cheese and harvest your own vegetables. You can then enjoy a well-deserved picnic paired with the best selection of Mexican wines and craft beers from the region.


To complete your visit, you can sail through the lake as the sunset gives you the perfect ending for an amazing day. For the perfect end to your day you can sail down the lake before making your way back to Mexico City to visit the “Cosmovitral”, an Art Nouveau structure made of iron and 3000 sq meters of stained glass. Originally made to host a market, it is now an astonishing botanical garden that fosters more than a hundred different species from central Mexico.


Back in the capital you’ll get to visit Coyoacan, one of the many centuries-old boroughs in the city. Here you’ll get to see some emblematic buildings, such as the house where the conqueror Hernan Cortes and his wife Malinzin –also known as Doña Marina– lived. Of course, you cannot miss a visit to the famous Blue House, home to the well known painter Frida Kahlo and her husband, the renowned muralist Diego Rivera.


Another borough not to be missed is La Condesa, one of the most eclectic areas renowned for its urban vibes with some of the best food and art spots hidden along streets lined with picturesque historic buildings.

To dive deeper into the history of Mexico, we’ll visit the National Museum of Anthropology, considered the most important in the nation, where we’ll find the testimony of some of the most relevant cultures from the old world such as the Olmecs, the Mayans, and the Aztecs.


You’ll complete your travels with a visit to the Dolores Olmedo Museum, named after one of Diego Rivera’s wives, host to the largest permanent collection of Rivera’s art. This astonishing countryside house has endless gardens with exotic vegetation running along the Xochimilco riverbanks.

In Xochimilco you’ll cruise the river canals on a traditional trajinera, while a mariachi band will come along and serenade you while you enjoy delicious Mexican food, and of course, tequila and mezcal.