Legends and fantastic creatures in Yucatan

Yucatan is a land of wonders, ancient pre-Hispanic cities, haciendas, colonial towns, cenotes, is a place that lives with the culture, always present in its traditions and legends …. Here are some of them:


The Xtabay

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An ancient Mayan legend tells that lived in a small town two beautiful sisters, Xkeban “sinful woman” and Utzcolel “good woman” that was not the only difference between them, despite what people thought of her she has a huge kindness, Xkeban was caring for the needy and sick and defended the animals …her sister, on the contrary, considered them inferior and unworthy of her.

One day Xkeban was found dead in her home, a beautiful fragrance was felt around her and at her grave a flower bloomed, known as Xtabentún, with a sweet nectar which intoxicates all who drinks it. Utzcolel felt a deep envy and said she would smell even better to die; However, it was not like that; his body gave off an awful smell … they put flowers on his grave immediately withered and earth came a Tzacam, a very prickly cactus with minimum rose cause deep pain.

Envy was such that even after her death Utzcolel managed to summon evil spirits he was granted the gift of returning to the world of the living whenever she wanted, but despite that he intended to be as Xkeban, only managed to imitate her desire for men but not her kindness, so that even today can be seen under a Ceiba tree, by men that she seduces and murders, sentenced to never rest or find satisfaction … she is known as the Xtabay.

The Huay Chivo


The Huay Chivo is a sorcerer with the ability to transform into a terrifying half-man, half-goat, having sold his soul to kisin (the name given to the devil in Maya) … A Huay Chivo is very similar to the Nahuales … people who, through dark arts, take the form of various animals.

In the villages of Yucatan is common to hear stories of encounters with the Huay Chivo as it feeds of chickens and cattle; but are actually few people have seen it because it lives in the darkest places of the forest


The Aluxes

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They are mysterious creatures that appear at night in the cornfields, forests and cenotes … the Aluxes are not bad, they behave according to the treatment they receive, because if a person enters their territory and offense them either orally or in do not show due respect for nature and animals, they send a “bad air”, fever and sickness. But if you treat the aluxes with kindness and respect and offer them food, they in return will take care of the fields, and give a good harvest or look after you during your journey through the bush or your visit to its cenotes.

Although no one knows exactly how they look, some say that their appear as children and behave as such, they are naughty and like to play and make jokes to those who enter the bush or in the caves and cenotes. The peasants live with them and some build their small homes to care for the cornfield … but, tradition says that after seven years the door of this house should be sealed to prevent the aluxes feel prisoners and act against whoever has adopted them.


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Xibalba, the underworld is in Maya mythology a maze of underground rivers; cenotes are considered as inputs to the underworld … There are thousands of entries, hidden in the dense foliage of the Yucatan.

Xibalba is governed by the twelve gods of death, the two main ones are Hun-Came (One-Death) and Vucum-Came (Seven-Death). The rest are demons working in pairs, each pair responsible for a specific type of human torment disease, hunger, fear, poverty, pain and death. Other inhabitants are slaves haunted by demons.




Tzukán is a monster that lives in the Yucatan cenotes, may appear on any of them so it is not advisable to get you to swim once the sun has been much less if you do not accompany …

As described by some, who claim to have survived his encounter with this mysterious monster, Tzukán is shaped like a huge snake that can easily disappear their victims under water … So you know, when you visit the yucatecan countryside and its wonders, do not forget that there is always a story behind it.

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