Kitesurf School Yucatan … Learn how to use the wind to your advantage

The Yucatan coast offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing; a sport that more and more people practice because it is incredibly fun, spectacular and less complicated than it might seem at first sight … Of course, like any sport requires training, perseverance and practice. What the kite gives you in return for your effort is invaluable.

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There are specialized schools Kitesurfing in beautiful places such as Puerto Progreso, located 25 minutes drive north of Merida, and many people practice throughout most of the Yucatan coast in places like Chicxulub and Chelem Flamboyanes as besides being spectacular and have beautiful beaches, the water is shallow and the wind conditions are ideal almost year round. Classes at these schools are personalized and can take individual classes to progress at your own pace or share that experience in a group class … Of course, you are always accompanied by an instructor who will care for your security and will provide equipment for your classes. Your training consists of three levels:

Understanding the wind


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The first is to learn the different techniques of control and self rescue, until you can control the kite safely and accurately; With a trainer kite, you learn to move in the water and teach you the technique of body drag, which is to move in the water using the traction kite, without table.


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With the basics of control and security, you are now ready (a) to navigate the kite and the board … you learn to navigate your team to achieve the necessary to stay afloat and begin your travels powered by wind power.



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Once you have gained experience and can control your computer, and you’re independent … still you need to polish your technique for a better control of the kite: upwind, simple transitions, launching and landing the kite and everything you need to practice this incredible full sport excitement, spectacle and an intimate relationship with nature. More information: More information: