Sarina Alvarez Moncayo

With 15 years of experience in the tourism industry, she has been responsible for the promotion of Mexico in Italy, Israel, and Greece, and from the Mexican Tourism Offices in Rome, Italy. She has diversified the Mexican offers in those markets, showing the great wealth of the country.


In her own words:

“I have the fortune to work in tourism, I like it and I’m passionate about it. The world is vast, diverse, and wonderful, ready to be explored, and in tourism you never stop learning; it offers you an endless source of experiences that allows you to know places and people from all over the world. I love to discover what lays beyond my sight.”

“Mexico is the land where I was born. It is an earthly paradise of great wildlife, inhabited by warm and welcoming people. It is a country that shines with its own light, and that is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and with many touristic offers for the world. I know it, and I appreciate it, that is why I always put great effort into adding and developing new ideas that allow others to know it and appreciate it too.”


Coordination of Mexico’s entry to the main tourism fairs in Italy; to cinema showcases; to Rieti’s Peperoncino World Fair; to the universal 2015 World Expo in Milan, Italy, showcasing “Teotihuacan, City of the Gods”; to the Frida Kalho exhibit in Rome; and to the “Mayans, the Language of Beauty” expo in Verona, Italy.
Organization of seminars, gastronomy showcases, and Mexican tourism caravans across Italy and Greece.
Handling relationships with media interested in promoting Mexican tourism, as well as the production of documentaries.
Scouting trips and opening of new airways such as the Milan-Merida flight by Blue Panorama.



Via Anicio Paolino 61, 00178 Roma

+ 39 338 3354027