Genova now closer than ever, departing from Yucatan

There are many wonders of the old continent which are now closer than ever to your holidays thanks to the weekly flight that the Italian airline Blue Panorama offers you departing from the yucatecan capital to the city of Milan. A clear example of this is the historic port of Genova … the beauty of the city, its beautiful palaces, parks, museums … many of them World Heritage Site, are a must on your list of places to visit; Here are some recommendations:

Historic Centre of Genova

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One of the largest and most ancient in Europe, an intricate maze of alleys (vicoli) that take you to small and beautiful little squares. The spirit of this city remains especially in these streets, where are mixed, as always, smells, tastes, and cultures. In the houses and palaces of Genoa they have been collected and preserved for centuries works of art, visible today in day because many of these have been converted into museums. It is a compact amalgam of buildings where the windows of the houses are so close they almost touch, here architectural styles overlap: the medieval wall makes the basis for a building of the XIII century, which also makes a basis for other building fourteenth century Gothic galleries converted into shops and restaurants … here last makes a basis for this.

Palazzo Ducale


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A building with centuries of history; today it houses major events par excellence and is one of the symbols of the city. Its construction began in 1298. The decoration of the rooms celebrates the glory of the Genoese sailors. After a fire in 1777, the palace was restored neoclassical elements; It was opened to the city in 1992 after a complete restoration of its 300 thousand cubic meters (the largest restoration done in Europe).

Nervi.. Parks, Palaces y museums

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Antiguos palacios y villas, son actualmente sede de prestigiosos museos… La Galería de Arte Moderno de Villa Saluzzo Serra, las colecciones Frugone de Villa Grimaldi Fassio, el Museo Luxoro y la nueva sede de Wolfsoniana son las paradas culturales de un placentero paseo en el interior de los históricos grandes parques públicos, con plantas mediterráneas y exóticas, conectados al prestigioso Villa Grimaldi Fassio, recientemente restaurado.

The renewed Porto Antico


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The historic port area remodeled by Renzo Piano in 1992, today has become a tourist center of the city, that can have a snack, dining, shopping, movies, ice skating or swimming in the pool. When you go to Old Port not forget to visit the Aquarium and other attractions like the panoramic lift Bigo, the Città dei Bambini, a fun and interactive museum for children between 2 and 14, the Luzzati Museum or the Museo Nazionale renewed dell’Antartide which explains the history of the Italian expeditions on the far and mysterious continent. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful Italian port and now it is easier than ever, you can not miss the opportunity!