Five new year’s purposes, easy to achieve in Yucatan

Start year full of wonders in the Yucatan is easy and if you had any pending new year’s resolution and would like to fulfill a dream just before the end of the year … you’re in the right place. Here are five options to start a 2016 you can show off to your friends and are sure that once you’ve made, your next goal will be to return to Yucatan …

Visit one of the new wonders of the world…


Not every day you get the chance to visit one of the new wonders of the world and if you’re in Yucatán, it would be a pity if you don’t take advantage the last day of 2015 or the first in 2016 to visit this amazing place, Chichen Itza is full of wonders and reasons for wonder … is the perfect place to welcome the new year.  

Meet the Pink Flamingos


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You can say goodbye to the year that ends and start in style this new period visiting the beautiful pink flamingos and Celestun also you could meet other purpose … staying at the best eco-friendly hotel in the country. The Xixim hotel was recently recognized by the Food & Travel Magazine as the best hotel of its kind in Mexico and is right on this incredible ecological reserve, in addition to beautiful beaches where you can go mangroves and contact with nature … various purposes fulfilled in one trip!

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Say goodbye to the year in the best city hotel in the country


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An excellent choice to welcome a year that starts is very near the historic center of Merida, right in the Paseo de Montejo …Rosas & Xocolate is the best city hotel in the country and when you visit you’ll notice immediately why … is a design hotel that combines in total harmony art, fashion and architecture. Natural materials and handcrafted finishes, sisal, red soil and limestone lucky complement this concept of urban housing; I recognized a few weeks ago by Food & Travel as the best in the country.  


Discover the famous yucatecan cuisine


No celebration is complete without food and if something has Yucatán to offer to your table are its culinary delights … The Motuleños eggs, the famous panuchos, subtle lime soup or queso relleno; if you feel that you should not eat too much, no matter, it’s the end of the year! And how not to mention here that perhaps the best known dish of the Yucatan cuisine? … The famous Cochinita Pibil! Besides the traditional food, Merida is in the opinion of the readers of Food & Travel the best gourmet destination of Mexico for its innovative gastronomic proposal; discover the new Yucatecan cuisine will fascinate you.


Visit a Magical Town



If you have not visited a magical town in Yucatan is very easy to fulfill that purpose, Valladolid is close to Chichen Itza and the ancient city of Ek Balam; also it offers beautiful cenotes, imposing colonial buildings and last but not least, is famous for its cuisine and the friendliness of its people; there you can find great restaurants and cafes, from regional cuisine to international dishes, plus inns and hotels with a colonial touch and taste.


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