An unforgettable Christmas in Toronto at your reach, departing from Yucatan

An unforgettable Christmas in Toronto at your reach, departing from Yucatan

Want to live a white Christmas? Discover all the wonders of Toronto, one of the most important cities in Canada, has to offer with direct flight from December 15th that West Jet offers to this beautiful departing city from the capital of Yucatan.

There are many wonderful places you can visit in Toronto, you can start recognizing the ground from the breathtaking view that gives you the CN Tower and from there, the incredible moments never cease to happen … You can enjoy the flavor of the city in a wine local beers in the historic distillery district or listen to a concert at Ontario Place.

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When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, Toronto has it covered; many attractions including the city zoo and the Ontario Science Centre will fascinate them …. Consider buying a CityPass for admission to the best sites of the city, it is very useful as this should not stand in line for tickets. Take advantage of this new option, from Yucatan, West Jet gives you and discover that Toronto has it all for an unforgettable holiday …

CN Tower


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Ride the elevator number one in the world, look at the three observation levels, and if you’re brave heart do not miss the famous glass floor (with incredible views over three hundred meters high), test your nerves in the EdgeWalk circular ride higher in the world

Hockey y Baloncesto

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Buy your tickets at the box office of the Air Canada Centre to watch a game of the Raptors or Maple Leafs losn or enjoy with the most loyal fans of Toronto teams in the Fan Zone Ford in Maple Leaf Square, public outdoor plaza where the games are broadcast on a huge screen … it is a great experience which is also free

Ontario Science Centre


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Until January 13, this must-science center offers “Mission to the edge of space: A freefall in science,” this occasion of the third anniversary of the record jump the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner, this is an exhibition presenting the team used in the mission, including spacesuit capsule Baumgartner and 1,450 kilograms … and that’s just for starters.

Casa Loma

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With its towers and tunnels, winding stairs, it is no wonder Casa Loma has two sets of popular escape for those who can participate -. “King of Bootleggers” and “Escape from the Tower” (we recommend you book your place in advance). This season, you can also enjoy “Christmas at Casa Loma” featuring a wide range of exciting activities and actions in this place you can not miss and that will guarantee hours of fun for the whole family

Visit one of the marvels of Canada


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If you want to keep adding visits to the wonders of the world, you can not miss Niagara Falls … After a short drive from Toronto … enjoy the beauty and the amazing attractions of one of the most famous places in Canada, class restaurants world, and an unforgettable adventure with your partner or your family, Niagara Falls is a perfect day trip.

Ripley Aquarium Of Canada

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You can not visit Toronto and not go to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada … beautifully explores nine galleries designed to provide a representative sample of environments both saltwater and freshwater worldwide, including the longest underwater tunnel of America … For an extraordinary adventure (and discount) experience “Sharks After Dark” visiting after 7:00 pm.