6 Things a spanish misses from Yucatan

Although it is true there is no place like home, so is that there are places that become endearing and just know you miss when you’re away … Here are some reasons why some Spaniards fall into the spell and fall in love this, her second homeland:

1. gastronomy.
Of good quality. Varied. With large indigenous identity and value. Adapted to the climate. No complex things to do mergers with other regions or backgrounds. Varied and adaptable to any budget range.


2. Nature.
A space where the human is still a guest between biodiversity (if not an invader). The jungle, fauna, flora, water, sea …
Especially the cenotes. Unique in the world and counted thousands, each with its particularity.
still wild space left, awakens the senses and instincts.
cenote ubicado en dzibilchaltún

3. History.
A before and an after.
A pre-Hispanic civilization to be known (There still missing a greater pride and identity with the past).
A culture that is fed back from different sources (taking the best of some of them). Accept all inheritances, from the Mayan ruins to the haciendas.
Everything has been incorporated at its finest.
No need to compete between the different parts of cultural heritage.
The secret’s in the racial mixture. This enables enrichment and makes visitors feel emphatic or identified with some part of those different background, which leads to integration.

4. The hospitality.
Depending always show a correct attitude when it comes to being “a guest”.
Welcome who come to respect and eager to contribute.
As elsewhere in the worldcoincides that the poorest are the most generous.
Attentive and generous hosts.
Just curious, brave and grateful travelers allowed.
hospitalidad yucatan

5. De-stress.

Yucatan is famous for the tranquility and little rush that people have, something the Spaniards just love. When they come here talk about work stress, anxiety for exams, and when they arrive, all that is deleted immediately and the gates of heaven get open.

6. magic territory.
There are things that are advised not pretend to understand.
There are things worth attribute to magic. Something that is not worth explaining.
For example, not worth rationally analyze why you love someone. Just enjoy it.
For Yucatan so, you fall in love or not. And nothing happens anyway. If not, do you say goodbye politely; and if you fall, you’re lost because it is a spell.
So you can not explain. You have to live it!
bocho bolcho en yucatan chicxulub