18 differences between a normal friend and a yucatecan one

A normal friend greets you with a smile and a handshake when you find in the street …
A Yucatecan friend greets you with a big hug and instead of “Hello”, he says “When the Chevas?”.

A normal friend will follow to you where you go …
A Yucatecan friend also accompanies you to the end of the world … but depending on how many girls you have invited.

A normal friend says “dude”.
A Yucatecan friend says “macho caón” or addresses you with a “Qué pasó gallo?”.

A normal friend gives you a Pepto-Bismol for your stomach ailment …
A Yucatecan friend asks you if you have choc nac and gives you a Coke with lemon.

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A normal friend talks to your parents using “sir”, “don”, “doña” or “Mrs.” …
A Yucatecan friend calls “Uncle” to your father and “Aunt” to your mother.

A normal friend is able to get up on a Sunday if you ask …
A Yucatecan friend will never wake up early in a Sunday … Unless the plan includes soccer game and “Cochinita”.

A normal friend refers to the owner of any street stall as “Hey, buddy!”.
Yucatan your friend says “partner” or “chief”.

A normal friend would use any chilli sausage to his tacos, cake or sandwich …
A Yucatecan friend will always ask for the habanero.

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A normal friend gives you a ride in his car whenever he can …
A Yucatecan friend do the same… as long as you give him money for gas.

A normal friend recommends a place for food …
A Yucatecan friend recommends a place according to the number of girls who frequent (and if by the way the food is good, better!).

A normal friend begins to make plans for the weekend on Thursday …
A Yucatecan friend since Monday is already thinking about the party on Saturday.

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A friend makes every effort to be on time for any appointment with you or, if unable to do so, is concerned about the delay …
A Yucatecan friend is late for any appointment you have with you and never let you know. That simply is not part of our way of being.

A normal friend tells you that you are already doing a bit late and it’s time to go …
A Yucatecan friend avoids such an offense and, before leaving, he asks the bartender for the “hach” (a final round).

A normal friend takes you to eat tacos garnachas or any corner …
A Yucatecan friend suadero never eat tacos, but takes you through some diced roasted he knows well.

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A normal friend tells you about his holiday plans …
A Yucatecan friend tells you about his plans for (summer or Easter) “season” and ask you to be his guest at his beach house.

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A normal friend will sleep after Saturday’s party …
Yucatan friend stay awake till Sunday with you so you can take the best “lechón” for breakfast together.

A normal friend closes his car and remove all their belongings from view when going to the store for fear of being stolen …
A Yucatecan friend lives in the safest state in Mexico, so always leave the car running and the air turned on so that when you return, do not have to suffer the heat.

At your birthday, a normal friend will sing “Las Mañanitas” …
But a Yucatecan friend sings “In a happy day, a little boy was born, named …”

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