10 things you need to learn before moving to Yucatan

1. Here it is always summer, heat is a constant and you should know your wardrobe.

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2. If a Yucatecan friend says “Lets take two ” (beers) you might think it’s just a relaxing moment after work and nothing else, but the truth is that in Yucatan these 2 become 4 and then 6 and so on.

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3. Never use sandals with socks… we know it is hot weather here but really …do not.

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4. Sooner or later you will need a air conditioning. Sure, the first few days of December the temperature feels good, but be sure, you would remember our advice in May.

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5. If someone asks you to “acechar” (lie in wait) in a place, do not worry is not an mission impossible, just want you to take a look.

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6. The green one is always hot … 90% of green sauces in restaurants are made with pure chile habanero, usually without another ingredient that the “Mayan fire”.

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7. The first few times it will be confusing but “prestar” (to loan) is a verb that you must master, the meaning is different from what you think.

“Do you remember those two hundred pesos I lent you – Take it back”

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8. Our winter is up to 20 degrees, but we have high humidity that gets into your clothes, so get ready for “La Heladez”.

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9. We have colors that no designer or artist out of Yucatan could understand: “Blue Peacock” is like the navy blue but stronger … do you understand?

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10. Here we do not like “Hoch’obes” I mean those who come home for lunch uninvited.

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