10 things to do in Yucatan before you die

Recently, our friends at Matador Network published this fun list of things you can not stop doing for anything in the world when you visit Yucatan …

1. Living the equinox

You know nothing Yucatan if you have not experienced this phenomenon of astroarchaeology. Without neglecting the calculations, mathematics and architecture, the simple fact of being present in Dzibilchaltún or Chichen Itza for the spring is an event that will mark a before and after in your life.


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2. Swim in rose water

Yes, Pink! Rio Lagartos salinity water produces amazing color, which can float without any effort on your part.

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3. Eat habanero

How can you have before your eyes the spiciest chili in the world and not be tempted to tell if your itching legends are true? Come on, show your courage and try the habanero!

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4. Visit the point of impact that wiped out the dinosaurs!

Ok, the truth is that you can not see, but … would be very cool, right? The important thing is to know where it all started. In addition, there are beautiful beaches and eat very well ?


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5. Know the oldest cathedral in the Americas

What do you think of being able to soar to the moment where the cultural and religious clash begins between the Spaniards and the natives on the mainland?

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6. Swim in cenotes

How about take a dip in water emerging from the land of natural and clear way? I assure you will not find anything better to mitigate a heat of over 40 degrees. We have over 2000, so if you do not know it is because you do not want.

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7 Eat!

La cochinita (Roasted suckling pig) is a delicious dish, but believe me that Yucatan is much more than that: Relleno Negro, Relleno Blanco, oriental escabeche (the east of the state, nothing to do with China), panuchos, salbutes, strained tamales, vaporcitos, Queso Relleno , Longaniza de Valladolid, Temozón smoked meat, stew, beans with pork …Uf what you’ve been missing!


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8. Fall in love with our beaches

Because the Emerald Coast makes you fall in love … as the the thousands of foreigners who have made Yucatan their place to spend their summers and holidays enjoying a hammock and listening to the crashing waves, say.


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9.Go to Chichén Itzá

Although you will not be those lucky that certainly could climb the pyramid before the ban, Chichen Itza is one of the wonders of the world. So if you have the chance, go and take pride and enjoy like us.

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10. Enjoy one of our red coloured sunsets

Think like a daily ritual evening and enjoy one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that have the capital. Some are amazing, see if not